Sometimes I simulate cloth

March 27, 2013

Sometimes I simulate cloth

As one of the most technically orientated artists in the studio, I’m often given the technically challenging jobs as well as being expected to be the one to come up with solutions to technical problems. Lately, we’ve been doing a lot of jobs requiring cloth simulation. Each time I was given the task of coming up with a great simulation and render for the elements required.

The various simulations included opening and closing red stage curtains, various floating, ribbon-like banners and flags and some dropping posters. While none of these are particularly challenging simulations they still required some interesting solutions and the deadlines were extremely tight. There was little time to experiment and I needed to make sure I came up with the correct methodology first time and dial in the right values in as few iterations as possible. The job involving the floating banners and flags was crucial as the simulations were vital elements to the commercial and the clients were very particular about what they wanted the cloth to do. I was able to very quickly simulate all of the elements, light, shade, texture and render them all in a day and a half and then take in client feedback to make some subtle tweaks to the motion and cloth properties to give them exactly what they were after.

But aside from simulations, technically challenging jobs are one of my specialities and I’m always called upon to take charge of these tasks. They are something I can tackle quite naturally I never fail to come up with a great solution to a technical problem and I even dabble in a bit of scripting which you can find here. I also have plenty of experience with rigid body simulations and fluid dynamics simulations with FumeFX.