Sometimes I teach the entire studio how to matchmove.

April 22, 2013

Sometimes I teach the entire studio how to matchmove.

We do a huge amount of tracking and matchmoving work for commercials in our studio and for the longest time I was the only artist in the studio capable of doing the job. It was eventually decided that we should have a bit of a studio lesson on matchmoving! So everyone gathered around my desk and I began to take my fellow artists through the process of matchmoving step by step.

My teaching and supervision style is clear and to the point and I was able to effectively convey all the steps to matchmoving in my short lesson. I was also able to impart all of my tips and tricks that I’d learnt from my many hours of tracking and matchmoving in both Matchmover and PF Track for the commercials we complete here.

Once we were done with the short lesson everyone was able to try out what they’d learnt on their own and quickly come up to speed on the tracking and matchmoving process. This meant a more productive studio with more artists being able to complete more of the work, a necessary quality in a small studio and in the process I was able to catch a bit of a break from all that tracking work! To this day I still help to supervise the other artists with the finer points of matchmoving to make sure they’re always working as efficiently and to as high a quality standard as possible in all the work that we do.