I'm Steven Olver and I'm a multi-disciplined CG artist, designer and technical guru with over 10 years of experience working in broadcast, film and video.


As a generalist I tackle almost all aspects of post production whether it be 2D or 3D animation, motion graphics, titles, visual effects or compositing.


With a wide breadth of software experience using Cinema4D, After Effects, Octane, 3ds Max, RedShift, Photoshop and many others in production environments.


I live in London, UK but I'm originally from beautiful Cape Town, South Africa and I'm currently the Senior Motion Graphics Designer at AMC (The Walking Dead).


Motion Graphics


Take a peak at my photography gallery where I showcase some of my personal shots from all over the world.

A specialist in colour

I'm also a DaVinci Resolve colourist with experience in grading commercials, promos, product and corporate videos. I have a long history with colour spanning all the way back to my initial foray into stills photography and my deep understanding of colour theory and science ensures quality in all my grades.



2011 - PRESENT

Senior Motion Graphics Designer at AMC Networks International


Promoted in just over a year, I now handle day to day management in the graphics department and supervise two mid-weight artists alongside my regular graphics and promo work.

Motion Graphics Designer at AMC Networks International

OCT 2016 - DEC 2017 | LONDON

At AMC I create promos, idents, bumpers, online and off-air campaigns for all of the network's channels and get to work with some of our biggest TV series like Fear The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Halt And Catch Fire and Into The Badlands.

Motion Graphics Designer at Fellow Productions

NOV 2013 - OCT 2016 | LONDON

As the sole graphics operator at Fellow, I was given the responsibility of tackling all of the company’s graphics work from start to finish and took on all manner of 2D and 3D motion graphics and visual effects work for some of the world’s leading brands like the Ferrari F1 team, Martini, Manchester United, Bombay Sapphire, Epson, Sandisk and Playstation.

Motion Graphics Artist at Keyframe Animation Studio


Here at Keyframe I completed TV commercials and VFX shots for some of South Africa's leading brands and provided VFX supervision on and off set. I also helped the other artists in the studio throughout my working day. Whenever an artist had a problem, needed help, didn’t know how to do something or faced a technical challenge, they came to me.

Contract 3D Artist for Trazzy Entertainment

JULY 2011 - APRIL 2012 | CAPE TOWN

Trazzy required a huge volume of game assets to be completed for an upcoming title of theirs. Work included modelling, texturing, shading and lighting of the 3D assets and interiors for a real time game engine. As the second largest contributor I aided the team greatly in completing the project on time.

2007 - 2011

3D Artist and Compositor at JUJU TV Productions

JAN 2010 - MARCH 2011 | CAPE TOWN

Here I took on all manner of work from TV documentaries involving VFX and animation to commercials and show openers. I helped Juju create amazing work and turbocharged their clunky Maya network rendering with a new render manager at the same time, thus making the render farm more efficient and submission less prone to user error.


DEC 2008 - JAN 2010 | CAPE TOWN

I began my career working as a freelancer for various studios and independent clients, both local and international. During this time I dipped my toes into all corners of the CG industry from architectural visualization to TV and broadcast, gaining experience and deciding where I wanted to direct myself in the field.

Learn2 Digital Media Academy

2ND YEAR - 2008

Only 6 students made it through to Learn2’s further limited, full time, Autodesk accredited Maya and After Effects course. The software training was paralleled by 2D animation and cinematography classes.

Learn2 Digital Media Academy

1ST YEAR - 2007

Restricted to only 12 students per year, Learn2’s incredibly limited, full time, Autodesk accredited 3D animation course covered 3ds Max and Combustion alongside traditional animation theory classes.


Promax Global 2019 GOLD Winner
We Are Horror Campaign
Category: Best brand image design: promo campaign

Promax Global 2019 BRONZE Winner
We Are Horror Campaign
Category: Best motion graphics

Promax Europe 2019 GOLD Winner
A Walter White Christmas (Breaking Bad)
Category: Best programme key art

2x Promax Europe 2019 Finalist
We are Horror
Categories: Best general brand campaign
Best use of animation

Promax Europe 2019 Finalist
CBS Reality: Crime image spot
Category: Best interstitial promo

Promax Europe 2018 Finalist
Written in Blood launch promo
Category: Best documentary or factual entertainment programme spot

Promax Hot Spot
Slasher Season campaign
News article
Mark Ratcliff"Steve is one of those rare people who demonstrates strong spatial and temporal awareness with equal measure. His highly versatile skill set makes him adept at all aspects of 2D and 3D motion graphic design. This sense of proportion, space and timing is central to the quality of his work and his enquiring nature and logical approach ensure that he is able to over deliver both in terms of quality and deadlines"

Read Mark's full recommendation here.
Vaughan Hudson“Steven gravitated towards more technical tasks and became the studio problem solver. His all round competence meant he could take on almost any task in the studio. Steven has been the epitome of a team player, highly resourceful, willing and able to assist wherever he was needed. It has been a pleasure working with Steven over the last seventeen months."

Read Vaughan's full letter of recommendation here.
David Hecker“Having known Steven both as his lecturer and as a contract employer, he has always impressed me with his incredible work ethic and level of professionalism. He is an honest, hard working young man who will always be at the top of my list of employable people.”
Damien Harrison“Steven did great job creating 3D assets and interiors for a recent gaming project. He has a positive attitude and quickly grasped the tasks appointed to him, he is dependable and hard working. It was a pleasure to have him on the team, I would definitely recommend him!”
Rowan van TonderSteven was a second year student at Learn 2 with me in 2008. I found Steven to be very thorough in his projects and talented in the field of CG. He always went the extra mile to research and know more about his field. I have also recently heard tremendous praise for Steven from his current employer. I would highly recommend Steven as a very dedicated and committed CG specialist.


From modelling, texturing and shading to lighting, rendering and fluid dynamics simulations. My years of experience in 3D content creation can handle any project thrown my way with speed and quality.


With a deep understanding of animation principles and a keen eye for motion, I’m able to provide 3D and 2D animation. From full character animation to title and product animation, I’ve done it all.


Whether it be TV show title sequences, corporate logo motion graphics or commercial end tags and idents, my motion graphics and typography experience covers all the bases in 2D and 3D.


Keying, compositing, effects, removals, colour grading, particles and simulations are just some of the techniques I’ve employed completing countless commercials. I also provide VFX supervision and assistance on set and in pre-production meetings.


A simple hobby involving my Canon DSLR, I take photographs and video footage of the world around me. My knowledge of photography, cinematography and camera rigs also allows me to communicate better with directors on and off set.


Any time an artist has a question, needs help or doesn’t know how to do something, they come to me. I supervise artists in the studio and keep everything running efficiently throughout. I even do the odd bit of coding to speed up workflows.

Did you know?

I'm the creator of three Autodesk Maya scripts that make quick work of any randomization and sequencing tasks. They were coded in Maya’s MEL language and were written to further my programming knowledge and give back to the 3D community. They’re all production ready, have been rated highly by users, downloaded thousands of times and have potentially saved hundreds of collective man hours.



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London, United Kingdom


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