Mark Ratcliff, Managing Director, Fellow Productions

“Steve is one of those rare people who demonstrates strong spatial and temporal awareness with equal measure. His highly versatile skill set makes him adept at all aspects of 2D and 3D motion graphic design. This sense of proportion, space and timing is central to the quality of his work and his enquiring nature and logical approach ensure that he is able to over deliver both in terms of quality and deadlines.

His deep understanding of graphics principles makes him an ideal teacher/mentor who can very clearly communicate best practice and workflows. Although mainly a hobby, Steve is also an accomplished photographer as borne out by a number of successful medium format shoot projects undertaken for us.

During his 3 years with us, Steve consistently delivered a very high standard of work and will be an asset any team that he works in.”

Vaughan Hudson, Managing Director, Keyframe Animation Studio

“Steven Olver joined Keyframe as a full-time animator in May 2012. He quickly progressed to the point where he could take on entire TV commercial jobs on his own. Steven gravitated towards more technical tasks and became the studio problem solver. He quietly assisted other animators and this has accelerated his own growth as a graphic artist and a leader.

Steven’s experience at Keyframe includes 3D animation and compositing of animated TV adverts, integrating live action footage. He is particularly adept at solving technical challenges and learning new software. Steven’s all round competence meant he could take on almost any task in the studio. Steven has been the epitome of a team player, highly resourceful, willing and able to assist wherever he was needed.

It has been a pleasure working with Steven over the last seventeen months. Steven leaves Keyframe on friendly terms, he is well liked and admired by all his colleagues. He has been consistently helpful, thoughtful and polite.

Steven is intelligent and diligent. He has accumulated a wide range of graphics skills and takes pride in his work. I can recommend him without qualifications to any business he may approach.”

David Hecker, Head of Digital, Sunrise Productions

“Having known Steven both as his lecturer and as a contract employer, he has always impressed me with his incredible work ethic and level of professionalism. He is an honest, hard working young man who will always be at the top of my list of employable people.”

Damien Harrison, Founder of Imaganimation

“Steven did great job creating 3D assets and interiors for a recent gaming project. He has a positive attitude and quickly grasped the tasks appointed to him, he is dependable and hard working. It was a pleasure to have him on the team, I would definitely recommend him!”

Rowan van Tonder, Founder of The Mind Studio

“Steven was a second year student at Learn 2 with me in 2008. I found Steven to be very thorough in his projects and talented in the field of CG. He always went the extra mile to research and know more about his field. I have also recently heard tremendous praise for Steven from his current employer. I would highly recommend Steven as a very dedicated and committed CG specialist.”